raja Raman ray

Digital Marketer(lerner)


2018 - Present


Quotesfair provide bunch of quotes and entertain audience of all ages with family-friendly quotation from history, these quotes motivate people and guide as well in their separate kind of situations, we are passionate about quotes and fell proud to share with all, thank you.

2013 - 2015


healthyraja1.com is a health website, it’s provide valuable information about health, yoga, nutrituion etc.

About Me

I am Raja Raman Ray, i am learning digital marketing nowadays, and running this website(quotes Fair) as well, my favorite thing is create quotes, read quotes all about quotes, i am very passionate about quotes. i am kind of person who like to learn new thing and i think it is a only way that make you up-to-date, and launch your new version day by day.



Learning Digital Marketing


University Degree(B.com,hons)


website design 45%
WordPress 41%
Social media marketing 42%
Search Engine Optimisation 50%
Content Marketing 31%


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